Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Project 11: Pokémon Red, Yellow and Blue

We're very proud of this collection. It was a request from a friend. We get a lot of very positive comments! And best of all, it's very popular on 9GAG too! We've already got 7000+ points. This gives us so much motivation! What do you guys think?

Btw: Yes, we're going to make a green one too! :-) We didn't forget Bulbasaur!

Project ten: Kirby - NES

Nathalie: Kirby is my favourite game character. I collect all the games from Kirby so I decided to make a Kirby themed NES. What do you guys think?

Project nine: Zelda - Game Boy DMG

For the Zelda lovers, we made an Zelda themed Game Boy. This one is with backlight. Fun for sure! This one had a lot of positive comments. Hope you like it!

Project eight: Peach Game Boy DMG

This Game Boy is especially for the girls! This Peach themed Game Boy is adorable, isn't it? It also sparkles in the sun. What do you want more?!

Project seven: Megaman - Game Boy DMG

Last week we bought something nice: an airbrush set! It's so much easier to paint the consoles! It's also possible to let the colors sparkle. Nice!

We also orderded backlights. So from now on it's possible to order backlighted Game Boys! Always enough light to play, every time of the day! No more street light needed in the car, awesome isn't it?

The first one we made, is this Megaman. It's purple, I know. Sometimes you need to think outside the box!

We also orderded colored buttons ander screens in other colors. Let experimentate!

Project Six: Megaman Zero - Playstation 1

Sold for €50

This one is a request from a retro game collector. It took 12 hours of drawing to complete it! He was very happy with the result. What do you think?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Project Five: Blastoise Game Boy

Sold for €35

Nathalie: One day, one of my friends started to chat with me on Facebook. He was very enthusiastic about our work. He said that because of us he started to think about his childhood again. He loved playing Pokémon on the Game Boy. Therefore he wanted a custom painted Game Boy to play his games again. 

Kevin: We asked him about his favourite characters. Blastoise was one of them. So we decided to work with him.

Nathalie: I really liked the concept. He's a nice character to draw and I love the colour blue.

This is the result. My friend was very happy with it! So happy that he convinced a friend to buy one too! Let the business begin! :-)